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Battle of Lanka is the final gallery according to the recommended route for exploring Angkor Wat. It is located on the northern section of the West Gallery. The Battle of Lanka gallery depicts the climax of the Ramayana epic. In this battle, Rama with his allies, the monkey army, defeats Ravana, the leader of the demons, asuras, and rescue Sita.

Battle of Lanka gallery, Angkor Wat
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The standard of carving on this gallery is excellent, or on par with that of the southern galleries. Like in the other galleries, the Battle of Lanka is extremely involved and intricate, showing in minute detail the hand-to-hand combat taking place. Rama is shown about 21 meters from the left of the panel. He is depicted wielding his bow while standing on Hanuman's shoulders. Next to them is the demon Vibhisana, Ravana's brother whom Rama has forged an alliance. Also with them is Lakshmana, Rama's brother.

5 meters further down to the right, the fighting starts. We see the monkey Nila fighting the giant rakshasa Prahasta, we see Valin's son Angada fighting Mahodara. Next we see Ravana, with 20 arms, riding a chariot pulled by monstrous beasts. The gallery continues with more fighting scenes.

Intricately carved columns at the Battle of Lanka gallery
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