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Krol Ko is a small temple located about 2 kilometers west of Ta Som, just after the 11th kilometre marker stone and 100 metres to the right of the road, a short distance from Neak Pean. Its name means "oxen park".

From the east, you enter the second enclosure through a simple opening in the external laterite enclosure wall. The internal court is defined by a 25 by 35 metre wall - again in laterite - which is itself surrounded on three of its sides with a moat lined with steps.

Some frontons have been reconstructed on the ground on either side of a small cruciform terrace. Two of them on the right represent the bodhisattva Lokesvara, to whom the temple may have been dedicated. To the left is Krishna raising the mount Govardhana to shelter the shepherds and their flocks.

The ruins of Krol Ko

Construction Details

Built in the late 12th and early 13th century
by King Jayavarman II (reigned 1181-1220)

How to reach Krol Ko

Krol Ko is a minor temple that will only be of interest to those with time and specific interest in studying Angkor indepth. It is located on the left (north) side of the road that runs between Preah Khan and Ta Som. Turn left 100 meters after Neak Pean which is on the right.

False door at Krol Ko.

Stones at Krol Ko.

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