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The North Gopura is a little-visited gateway of Angkor Wat. It is one of the four gates with towers, called Gopura, located at each cardinal point of the complex. Of these, most visitors enter Angkor Wat through the West Gopura. The North Gopura serves primarily an ornamental function, to balance up the design that a gopura exists on each cardinal point. During ancient times, visitors probably entered here by boats.

The North Gopura of Angkor Wat can be visited if one has time to kill. It is located at the end of a 400 meter dirt track. There are not many people who come here, apart from one or two by bicycle or by walking. From the North Gopura, you can view the northern side of the Angkor Wat moat.

North Gopura of Angkor Wat.

Water plants such as water lilies cover this section of the moat. Occassionally, you can see the lawnkeepers removing the waterlilies that threaten to choke the moat by cutting off oxygen to the lakebed.

The grounds of Angkor Wat.

The moat on the north side of Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat as seen from the dirt track on the walk back from the North Gopura.

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