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The Army of Suryavarman II gallery is a panel of bas-relief at the southwest section of Angkor Wat, after the Southwest Pavillion. King Suryavarman II is the builder of Angkor Wat, and here he immortalized himself in this gallery. This 94-meter gallery shows a military procession. The reliefs are carved on two tiers.

The tier on top shows a royal audience before the army sets off. The tier below shows the procession.

10 meters from the start, we see King Suryavarman II himself. It is easy to identify him, as he is carved as the biggest figure on the wall. We see ladies of the court carrying palanquins, and on the other side, the king's ministers and army commanders.

From here until the end of this panel, the two tiers become one, showing the army marching in single file, punctuated by commanders on elephant, twenty of them all together. On the twelfth elephant we once again see King Suryavarman II, as usual the largest figure, sheltered by 15 parasols.

The military procession of King Survayarman II is depicted on two main tiers, the top and the bottom.

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