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Svay Pream are rather obscure ruins on the southern part of the Roluos Group. Nic Boulton, my online friend who explored it, dismissed Svay Pream as disappointing. It was nothing more than an overgrown mound surrounded by what appears to once be a moat.

The vegetation was pretty dense, and all that Nic could uncover were a couple of lintels and a few odd bricks. He remarked that the design was similar to those of Preah Ko.

How to get to Svay Pream

Start at the Kok Srok Community Learning Centre. Let's call the junction here Looking North from , you see on the left side of the road an open field for about 150m followed by a densely wooded area, which continues on North for a couple of hundred meters. Svey Pream is in this wooded area, about 200m West of the road.

Apparently there are a few narrow paths that lead to it, but Nic couldn't find anything hopeful-looking, so eventually, with the assistance of a helpful local chap he crossed through somebody's garden to reach the site. You can see in the photo below the guy's front gate. From there, head west for about 200m. You will have to traverse the single log bridge pictured.

Location map of Svay Pream

View Svay Pream in a larger map

Photos of Svay Pream

Svay Pream (1February, 2010)
© Nick Boulton

Svay Pream (1February, 2010)
© Nick Boulton

A few bricks of Svay Pream (1February, 2010)
© Nick Boulton

Directional Photos to Svay Pream

Gate through someone's property, on the way to Svay Pream (1February, 2010)
© Nick Boulton

Log bridge, on the way to Svay Pream (1February, 2010)
© Nick Boulton

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