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Ta Prohm Kel, not to be confused with the famous Ta Prohm, is the chapel for an Arogyasala, or "houses for the sick" - hospital. Located close to Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm Kel is one of two ancient hospital chapels within Angkor region that was established by Jayavarman VII and are still standing. The other is the Chapel of the Hospital located opposite Ta Keo. They are just two of 102 chapels for Jayavarman VII's hospital across his empire.

Ta Prohm Kel, a small Angkor monument near Angkor Wat.

Ta Prohm Kel has a single, now collapsed tower, called prasat, with a doorway facing the east. The other three sides are decorated with false doors. As with the Chapel of the Hospital at Ta Keo, Ta Prohm Kel is also done in the style of the Bayon. A drainage channel, called somasutra, allows lustral water to flow out of the northern wall of the sanctuary.

Construction Details

Built in 1186 by Jayavarman VII

How to reach Ta Prohm Kel

Ta Prohm Kel (a different monument from Ta Prohm) is 450 meters north of Angkor Wat, on the road towards Angkor Thom. Look for it on the left side of the road before reaching the foot of Phnom Bakheng. Ta Prohm Kel is an insignificant Angkor site, and is unlikely to be featured in the itinerary of packaged tours.

Visitor exiting the small doorway of Ta Prohm Kel.

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